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Prameha Prabodhini

This is a comprehensive book covering various aspects of diabetes and provides education to public about this dreaded disease. Topics covered range from healthy eating to types of diabetes treatments available, risk factors for cardiovascular disease, and foot care. Information provided will surely help you live a long life with diabetes without it affecting quality of your life.
Price Rs.100/-

Balanced diet for Diabetic patients

This handbook written by Smitha Nair (Dietitian) is a excellent guide on how to prepare food suitable for those with diabetes. Each recipe is presented in a simple manner with the clear details of ingredients elaborated along with nutritional information. You are sure to find at least a few recipes, which would suit your taste buds.
Price Rs.100/-

Foot Care CD

This educational documentary video was produced by ADWA as part of a nationwide diabetes education programme conducted by Dept of Endocrinology few years back. This is essential viewing for everyone with diabetes as well as to those caring for patients with diabetes. Most of the foot problems are preventable by simple precautionary measures and hence the knowledge provided helps you immensely.

Diabetes CD

This documentary CD provides information on type 2 diabetes and various aspects of di-abetes care. The details are presented in an easy to understand format and is a valuable asset to all patients with diabetes.

Multiple choice Questions in diabetes mellitus

This also is in circulation.

Documentaries for the awareness on diabetes and its complications:

ADWA has brought out educational CD-s on Diabetes and Diabetic foot problems as a part of the nationwide diabetes education programme conducted by dept. of Endocrinology and diabetes to educate patients about taking preventive steps to prevent these problems. Price Rs.200/-

Membership: Life and Annual

To organize awareness programmes for diabetic patients day to day living, conduct educational programmes for patients and their family members, render counselling and to create a platform for the patients to share their experience and learning and also to undertake programmes and projects which may enhance the welfare of the members of the association are the major motives of the entire association. Life member ship fees Rs.710/- and annual is Rs.310/-. ADWA have 3355 members in total till the date.

Benefits of the membership

Free health check-up for ADWA members on alternate year (eye, foot, heart, kidney, nervous system, blood pressure, blood sugar, etc. are checked)

Walker, wheelchair, crutches on rental basis.

Diabeat free to ADWA Members for first three years and also an ADWA members 3 year Diabeat subscription rate will be Rs.180/- only, instead of 280/-