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Frequently Asked Questions

What causes so much incidence of diabetes in India? Is it the Indians genetic makeup that makes us vulnerable to diabetes or some external factors?

The increase in diabetes is due to both heredity and environment. While Indian genes do play a part, it is predominantly the rapid increase in a sedentary life style, as well as the increase in consumption of junk foods (high calories foods containing concentrated quantities of highly refined carbohydrates) that actually contributes to the epidemic of diabetes.

Even if there is family history of diabetes, can it be prevented?

Research has shown that with simple diet and exercise, the occurrence of diabetes can be prevented by about 58% in subjects at high risk of developing diabetes. When subjects have pre diabetes (a condition that describes a state of borderline glucose levels) for a long period of time, say 6 months, the addition of certain medicines like Metformin may help to prevent diabetes. However, the medication are the last resort, and diet and lifestyle intervention is the ideal method to prevent diabetes.