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Diabetic Foot

After China, India is the country with the largest number of diabetic patients in the world. Today in India there are over 45 million diabetic patients and an estimated 50000 amputations occurring per year due to diabetes related foot problems. In the diabetic patients, due to nerve damage and poor blood supply of the foot, various deformities of the toes and feet occur. This causes areas of raised pressures in the soles of the feet, where ulcers develop. These ulcers act as portals for the entry of the bacteria leading to serious infections, which in the immuno-compromised diabetic patient can result in amputations or even death. The commonest cause is the infected neuropathic foot, which is potentially preventable.

Care of Your Feet Is In Your Hands

By the time you finish reading this paragraph, at least one person somewhere in the world would have lost part of foot or leg through diabetic foot disease. This happens every thirty seconds.

Up To 85% of Amputations Can Be Prevented

By proper measures, immediate amputations can be prevented in badly infected diabetic foot and lower limb wounds. By proper patient and community education and patient rehabilitation, alter amputations can even be avoided in high risk diabetic foot.

Diabetic foot care team at Amrita Hospital

Amrita Institute of Medical sciences and Research Center, Kochi is the only center in India where these corrective and reconstructive surgeries are being performed in large numbers, exclusively in high-risk diabetic foot patients. By employing these novel surgical techniques a large number of amputations, in patients with diabetic foot ulcers and deformed diabetic feet can be prevented. In our department we are carrying out all types of foot and ankle reconstructive and corrective surgeries in diabetic patients. This includes Charcots reconstructive surgeries including Triple arthrodesis, Talocalcaneal arthrodesis, Naviculo calcaneal arthrodesis, Plate fixation of charcots fractures of foot with or without autogenic, iliac crest bone graft. Bunionectomy and various surgeries for hallux valgus, Arthroplasty for Hallux limitus/rigidus, Hammer, Mallet and Claw toes, Neuromas excision, surgical management of plantar fascitis, Cysts and ganglions, Bone spurs, Open Tendoachilles lengthening surgery, Tendon transfer surgeries, repair of ruptured foor and ankle tendons, and application of illizarov frame among many others.